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    Taste Bacolod: Sitting Duck

    From genius masterpieces like the Social Swimmers (crispy fried tabagak fillets in alioli and reduced balsamic vinegar) and the Chistorra Cassoulet (slow cooked beans with txistorra chorizo), to the popular dishes that Bacolod will…

    September 23, 2017
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    Taste Bacolod: Aboy’s Restaurant

    Aboy’s has gone a long way—from a small turo-turo in Burgos market during the early 90’s, to being one of the city’s well loved restaurants. And now, Aboy’s conquered another feat by being the first solar…

    September 7, 2017
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    Taste Bacolod: Inaka

    I believe every city should have at least one decent Japanese restaurant to make it a liveable city. That’s how vital Japanese food is in today’s civilization. And, well, Bacolod never runs out of…

    September 2, 2017
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    Wandering Seoul

    Annyeonghaseyo from Seoul! I finally had the chance to visit Korea’s most famous palace, Gyeongbokgung. This former seat of power was built in the late 1300’s and is said to be the most beautiful…

    August 29, 2017
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    New Restaurant Alert: Juliana’s in Bacolod

    Juliana’s first caught my eye early 2017 with its clean, white structure by Lacson street. Just by looking at the place, I knew they’d be serving classic, traditional fares. I was right. Juliana’s offers…

    August 27, 2017
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    Taste Bacolod: Pendy’s

    When I think of Pendy’s, I think of families gathered for a Sunday meal— classic, hearty dishes, with that feeling of home. And that is exactly what this family-run restaurant has been doing since…

    August 24, 2017
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    Bacolod’s Best Organic Restaurants

    Bacolod has come a long way pushing the farm-to-table concept to the masses. Nowadays, it’s not simply just slapping the words “organic” or “all-natural”, these organic food advocates are stepping up their game creating…

    August 16, 2017
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    Taste Bacolod: Rau Ram Cafe

    Hey Bacolod, guess what. There is another piping-hot soup in town to cure the rainy days (or that hangover), and it’s not just batchoy. Rau Ram Cafe (formerly Saigon) is the answer to our…

    August 15, 2017