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Taste Bacolod: Aboy’s Restaurant

September 7, 2017

Aboy’s has gone a long way—from a small turo-turo in Burgos market during the early 90’s, to being one of the city’s well loved restaurants. And now, Aboy’s conquered another feat by being the first solar powered restaurant in the city. That is something I truly support, by the way.

Aboy’s is a dampa kind of restaurant where you can choose from the selection of seafood/meat and they will cook it however way you want it. And in their turo-turo section, you can choose from their pre-cooked dishes laid out at the counter. If my memory serves me right, Aboy’s is one of the pioneers in this style of dining in the city. Now, Bacolod is chock-full of dampa or pala-pala style restos.

What makes Aboy’s stand out from the rest is their clean, stylish interior, comfortable and cozy ambiance, and excellent service all throughout. They have dessert options and they offer complimentary tea after your meal. Considering all these, I can see its charm, especially to the tourists and the balikbayans.

However, with regards to the food, it may be slightly overpriced than the other dampa-style restaurants in the city which I frequent (although we have to the consider that the setting is a little more “posh” as compared to its counterparts). As for the food quality, it’s OK. I’ll leave it at that. Although, I do know some people who would wage a war with me on this one and say Aboy’s is the best. And I know better than to argue with a local about food. Talaba Sinigang na isda Butter garlic scallops Bicol express Kinilaw na tangigueAboy’s saving grace, for me at least, is the squid fats adobo. It may not look much, but it is divine! Sadly, it is the only dish that stands out for me every time I dine here (tbh, I did come back to give Aboy’s a chance to redeem itself). The squid fats is oily (in a good way), rich and delish, might be more of an acquired taste, but it may just be the only thing that won my heart. Well, this, and the great ambiance and topnotch, consistent service.

Drop by Aboy’s with an open mind, and taste for yourself. Maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe my loyalty will always be with some other pala-pala in the city. Either way, I’m always happy to be proven wrong. 


Liroville Subd., Singcang, Bacolod City, Philippines

Contact: (034) 435 0760


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