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Taste Bacolod: Viewing Deck 8 in Punta Taytay

August 9, 2017

You can imagine my excitement when I first heard about the strip of restaurants in Punta Taytay. They’ve been gaining more and more popularity lately and I’m all for it. Aside from the fact that I totally support local businesses, and the fact that I’m always excited about food, Punta Taytay holds a lot of my childhood memories. Those weekend trips to the beach, lunch with the family, sunsets by the sea— then sadly, Punta Taytay became a distant memory. And now, with efforts to take back its former glory, Punta Taytay is back. And I am excited as I am nostalgic.

With all the huts lined up by the sea, it can get overwhelming which one to choose from. Big Joe Viewing Deck 8 has been recommended to me several times, so it was an obvious choice for me. Viewing Deck 8 is a no-frills restaurant that offers fresh seafood, grilled pork and pancit, too. Simple, yet clean. With a great view of the sea. The perfect setting to use my hands and binge on all the seafood this city has to offer.Kinilaw na Tangigue (P200)Grilled Porkchop (P60/piece)Grilled Tangigue (P200)Talaba (P50)Bangus stuffed with red egg (P150)Buttered Shrimp (P190)Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING we had here were aces. Their buttered shrimp? Might as well be the best butter garlic shrimp in the city. That, alone is a big deal. Their talaba? May be tiny, but fresh and tasty. The kinilaw? Just the right level of creaminess. The stuffed bangus? Out of this world. The red egg, the onions, tomatoes and the milkfish combined made something so divine, it will blow your socks off. Now I’m just rambling. To sum it up, everything is fresh and delicious.

So visit Viewing Deck 8 for an enjoyable (and affordable) meal. Come very hungry and use your hands!

Big Joe Viewing Deck 8

Viewing Deck complex Seawall Punta Taytay, Bacolod City
Contact: +63 34 444 3566

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