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Taste Bacolod: Rau Ram Cafe

August 15, 2017

Hey Bacolod, guess what. There is another piping-hot soup in town to cure the rainy days (or that hangover), and it’s not just batchoy. Rau Ram Cafe (formerly Saigon) is the answer to our pho cravings that instantly makes us warm and fuzzy inside.  And we’re not here to just talk about the  glorious, meat-filled noodle soup—-they got it all. They brought the Vietnamese street food experience to Bacolod, and we will forever be grateful. I’ve been to their former location, just opposite their current spot now. Now is pretty, spacious and clean. Before was practically this hole-in-a-wall type, a small house with probably 5 tables by the garden and that’s it. And I LOVED it. It had a certain charm to it (I’m not saying that it doesn’t now), but I enjoy slurping on my pho sitting on an uncomfortable stool, cramped in a small space, with my sweat dripping down my face. Reminds me of good, old Vietnam. But that’s just me.

Their current place is much more comfortable and elegant, with Asian influences on its interior. I’ve been here three times, and three times I order the same things. Their balut in sweet chili sauce as a starter, and of course, the pho. I really do want to try something else on the menu. Like their bun cha gio (P204), or their spring rolls (P150), or their bahn mi (P75). They even have nasi lemak (P175), a Malaysian dish that I’m practically obsessed about. But everytime I come here, it’s like I just have to order the same things. Because it always hits the spot.

And the fact that their pho is good for 3-4 people (why, though?), pretty much stops me from ordering anything else. What if I just want to eat pho alone, like any normal person? I guess I’d have to start making new friends now just to finish that huge bowl. Or I can just finish the whole thing on my own. That would be the simplest solution.Balut in sweet chili sauce (P123)Pho Bo (beef and rice noodle soup/P209)Milk tea (P35)Their pho is legit— the noodles are firm, the meat is tender and generous, and the broth is beefy and brilliant. Their balut? A beautiful blend of the sweetness and spiciness of the sauce with the rich flavour of the bird embryo. The milk tea is superb, too! They also have Vietnamese coffee if you have no plans of sleeping for the next two days.

Go get slurping at Rau Ram Cafe, and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine without having to leave the City of Smiles.

Rau Ram Cafe

Prk. Marapara, Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City

Contact:  +63 923 568 4474


Open daily 11am-10pm

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