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Taste Bacolod: Pendy’s

August 24, 2017

When I think of Pendy’s, I think of families gathered for a Sunday meal— classic, hearty dishes, with that feeling of home. And that is exactly what this family-run restaurant has been doing since the late 70’s, gathering people together for good food. A Bacolod institution, Pendy’s has always been consistent with the quality of the meals they serve and the service they provide.

They have well-trained, accommodating staff (one of the waiters recognized me from 10 years ago!) and the ambiance is cozy. There’s also a lot of natural light coming in from the outside (for a blogger, that really helps for the photos), and the decor is classy and chic.  Spaghetti carbonara (P300)Pork Dinuguan (P180) Callos (P320)Spareribs (P320) Chicken with Peanut Sauce and Java Rice (P260)I have to admit, one of the reasons I decided to dine in Pendy’s (not only for their half moon dessert!) is to try their Sate Garden menu. Sate Garden was this asian fusion restaurant in Bacolod, which sadly closed down. Their menu in Pendy’s includes Shrimp Pad Thai (P320), Chicken Red Curry (P270) and Angus with Peanut Sauce (P290). I really enjoyed my chicken with peanut sauce. It’s chicken ass in skewers with delectable sauce poured over it, how can I not?

Their callos should always be a staple when in Pendy’s. I don’t throw this around so easily, but probably the best callos you can score in town. And their dinuguan (pork blood stew), also exceptional.

If there’s only one thing you can take from this feature, don’t skip dessert. I repeat, do not skip dessert. A sponge cake topped with egg custard and shaped like a half moon and therefore called half moon will sweep you off your feet. I guarantee you’ll go home with a box full of it for pasalubong.

Pendy’s is open daily from 730am-9pm!D Drop by today with family and friends, and satisfy your cravings.


Rolling Hills Compound, Lacson Street, Bacolod City

Contact:  +63 34 434 0269


Open daily 730am-9pm

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