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New Restaurant Alert: Azucarera in Bacolod

July 28, 2017

Bacolod has this love affair with Spanish food. The Spanish influences in the city’s gastronomic scene is pretty clear with all the gambas, callos and paellas out there. And we’re not complaining. So when Azucarera opened its doors for a more extensive menu of Spanish cuisine, we are totally down for it. The complimentary bread with its dipping sauces arrived first. Then came the soup and the tapas, which was a quick wait.

I was glad to see Sopa de ajo (garlic soup/ P95 ) on the menu. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this offered in another Bacolod restaurant. And I was excited to try the local version of one of my favorite soups. Needless to say, this bowl was gone in 60 seconds.Their Salpicao de Vaca (P270) is, and I’m happy to say, flawless. It’s tender and with just the right amount of flavors. The Gambas al Ajillo (P200) was probably the least of my favorite, which was a surprise because shrimps are usually a sure hit for me. Maybe I expected more of that garlic kick, and more olive oil in it for me to dip my bread in. Their Paella Valenciana (P550/small) is a standout. Filled with seafood, meat and veggies, this mouthwatering rice dish is bursting with yummy goodness. The seafood is fresh, and the rice can stand on its own. It is THAT flavorful. I can actually taste the sea. And that’s a great thing. I can’t wait to come back to try their Paella Negra (P550/small). I’m sure that one will win my heart, too especially I’m obsessed with squid, its ink and the garlic aoili that comes with it. They have sangrias, wines, and local and German beers. The ambiance is cozy and the dim lighting gives it an intimate feel. A great place for a hearty dinner and a few drinks with family and friends!


Contact: (034) 445-2867


Open on Tuesdays to Sundays 5pm-10pm

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