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Battle of the Chicken Inasal

May 11, 2017

Fact, people of Bacolod are passionate about their food. Another fact, do not go on a “What’s the Best Chicken Inasal” debate with a local. Just don’t. We all have our own favorites and preferences. These are influenced by so many factors, factors that I will no longer disclose because I don’t want to bore you, and that is not the point. The point is, we are all entitled to say “this is the best inasal”. For that person, at least. These are the kind of inasal that changed the game of grilled chicken forever.

With high respect to all the inasals in the city, and without trying to raise some eyebrows from my fellow Bacolodnons, here’s a list of the Best Chicken Inasal ever known to man. Chicken House Lacson St, Bacolod  (+63 34 434 9405)

This place is a Bacolod institution. Their inasal is legendary. Trick is, tell the staff that you’re willing to wait for your order. They will grill a fresh chicken for you, not the half-cooked ones (they only do this due to high demand of inasals). It makes a whole lot of difference. And worth the wait!

Bonus: They have outstanding spareribs! And airconditioned and al fresco rooms too, if that matters. Plus, they have several branches all over the city, with consistent great service.

Masskara Chicken BS Aquino Dr, Bacolod (+63 34 435 1749)

Their chicken was a pleasant surprise. I always thought I have tried all the best inasal in Bacolod. They proved me wrong.

Bonus: They have an unforgettable pancit canton and seafood dishes, too. There are airconditioned and al fresco rooms also. Huge parking space available.

Bernadette’s Manokan Country, Reclamation, Bacolod 

Hands down, it’s how a chicken inasal should taste like. Perfectly marinated, perfectly cooked—just flawless. However, skip the busy hours. Service can go really slow. Still, worth it.

Bonus: they are open til 3am. Perfect for after-drinks grub!Aida’s Manokan Country, Reclamation, Bacolod (+63 34 4340603)

Everyone’s favorite inasal. And for damn good reason. Personally, this is my go-to inasal spot. The chicken ass (isol) is impeccable, the place is unpretentious and— they have oysters! Sold!

Bonus: Service is excellent. I have to say, they also have the cleanest spot in Manokan Country. What’s your favorite chicken inasal? Share them in the comments. 

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