New Restaurant Alert: Hanok Korean Restaurant in Bacolod

April 28, 2017

Grilling that fatty pork while you stare at the colorful condiments and side dishes spread in front of you, as you sweat with the heat of the BBQ and the heat of the kimchi is one of life’s greatest pleasures. K-BBQ is  fun, satisfying and crazy delish. And Hanok in Bacolod is no exemption. This place easily became my go-to place for Korean grub. Service is great, place is clean and the food has to be the best in the city. Oh, did I mention they offer unlimited Samgyeopsal? Absolute winner. Samgyupsal / Grilled pork belly (P260 per order or P360 unlimited per person)Dwen Jang Jigae / Seafood and tofu soup(P280)Grilled Bulgogi / Grilled beef (P290)The bulgogi here seems to be a differnt version from all the other bulgogi’s I’ve tried out there, but still very tasty. They also have bibimbap and even ramen on the menu. I cannot wait for my next K-BBQ feast at Hanok!

Hanok Authentic Korean Restaurant

Door 12 Goldenfield Commercial Complex Araneta st. 6100,

Singcang, Bacolod City, Philippines

Reservations: +63 34 704 6137



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