Hidden Gem: Memory Lane by Esperanza in Bacolod

April 2, 2017

Truth be told, I did not want not want to share this hidden gem to the world. I wanted to keep it a secret for me and my friends, I’m selfish like that. But I made a vow to my blogger self to disclose important information, and I find that cafes like Memory Lane by Esperanza should be given great importance.

Plus, I  know good news travels fast. So it’s only a matter of time that people will hear about this precious space. And I’d rather you hear it from me. Although it’s a house turned art cafe, it still feels more like home. If your home is adorned with recycled decors, walls painted with cliche quotes and you got hens in your backyard. Every corner is fun, adorable, and tells us a story. This is what makes Memory Lane by Esperanza a standout from all the other cafes in town.

I heard their chicken wings is a winner, too. Will definitely come back to this charming little place!      

Memory Lane by Esperanza

(Cafe de Esperanza)

Lot 6 Block 6, Homesite,, Bacolod City, Philippines

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