Taal Volcano, Philippines

January 15, 2017

Only two hours drive from Manila, and you’ll see the world’s smallest active volcano. I have always seen it from afar, sitting comfortably in a restaurant in Tagaytay while I enjoy my bulalo. But to be able to see it up close and personal—to feel the heat coming out from its crater, and of course, take a selfie on the crater itself is just a little cooler than sitting in a restaurant with a microscopic view of Taal. Although, that bowl of bulalo does sound tempting.

How to get there:

Batangas route from Manila:

  1. bus bound to Lipa or Batangas which passes Tanauan
  2. jeepney from Tanauan to Talisay
  3. rent a boat from the public market

Tagaytay route from Manila:

  1. bus bound to Tagaytay, Nasugbu or Balayan
  2. jeepney to People’s Park (before rotunda)
  3. alight at Ligaya Drive
  4. jeepney or tricycle to Talisay
  5. rent a boat to volcano island

Or book a tour with Taal Volcano Tours and just show up. Like how we did.

Then another 15 minutes boat ride. How adorable is our pink boat?Upon arrival to the volcano island, we have two options: a 30-minute horse-ride or an hour and a half of hiking up the crater. Horse-ride, it is! Oh, it was fun hearing my sister shriek with fear while riding her horse. Happy days.The red lava area, for me, holds the best view of the crater. Get ready to shell out 50php upon entry to red lava—and to hike for another 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes really kicked my ass. And I could hear my sister laughing at my feebleness while she waits for me to catch my breath. Thanks, sis! Tips: Be there as early as possible (like in most touristy places) to avoid tourists. Don’t skip your sunblock and hydrate! Preferably, have your breakfast before the trip, but there are also food and drinks up the crater. Our tour guide provided hats and masks (it could get dusty on your way up), but you may bring your own.

Here’s my yogi sister doing her thing. And this is me doing my thing. My good old candid shots.     I had a blast going up the volcano (I can’t speak for my horse, though). What a beautiful day to witness mother nature at its best, and to be able to bully my sister at the same time. #blessed

For Tours Contact: Bryan Malvataan of Taal Volcano Tours (+63 917 203 2792)

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Postcards from the Crater

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