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Wines and Pralines: My Lyon Photo Diary

December 24, 2016

Commemorating the marvelous day I popped my cherry — first time to visit a vineyard, a French vineyard at the Beaujolais region to be exact. Oh, it was everything I imagined it to be. Wine flowed endlessly and a plethora of cheeses and pralines were the highlights of this gastronomic wonderland.

         And like any addict in search for a fix, I then roamed the streets of Lyon— alone, cold, buzzed, in search for a wine bar. I stumbled into this quaint watering hole, Les Cave des Voyageurs, and as the sommelier explains to me about bouquets and tannins and whatnot, I nod trying not to look, well, stupid when all I really want is to have a sip of that delicious, magical juice.

To prove that I did not just go to Lyon for the wine, I also made my way to Les Halles De Lyon. This famous food hall is a mecca for all our heart’s desires. From escargot, to praline tarts, macarons, to those delectable stinky cheeses. I can squat here all day, with a big bottle of wine, of course.

  Lyon is not called the world’s gastronomic capital for nothing. That said, I may have gained five kilos in my two days here. WORTH IT.    Tip: Book a dinner in a Bouchon, I recommend Cafe Des Federations. Not because I ate there, but because I wanted to, so I stood outside with no reservations and ended up heartbroken. Don’t be like me. Be smart. Book ahead.

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