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The Dress and The Road Less Traveled

December 28, 2015

I had a dream. To wear an off-white strapless sweetheart trumpet gown on my big day. And that dream was made to life and made even more beautiful by Veejay Floresca, with her magic touch and some hand-sewn floral appliques. It would be a shame to wear it only once! Added a brown belt and a turquoise ring for a rustic feel, I was trash-the-dress-ready.

This being so close to my heart, it had to be set in my hometown, Bacolod City and the beloved historical city of Silay. And because I’m practically a junkie for graffiti walls, street food and run-down buildings with the Negrense smiles gleaming in the background, I wandered the streets like no one’s business. Lucky me, the  brilliant team of Midori Moon was there to seize the day.

DebTTD127 DebTTD1529DebTTD1029DebTTD442DebTTD349 DebTTD1346DebTTD1343DebTTD379DebTTD571 DebTTD265 DebTTD307DebTTD1330 DebTTD1391 DebTTD701DebTTD1237DebTTD197 DebTTD251DebTTD1063DebTTD670An impromptu shoot at this shabby and totally charming barber shop when the owner invited us in. And the people were just as charming! I have to say, my favorite part of the day. Plus, I got to smoke a Cuban.

DebTTD646DebTTD640DebTTD624 DebTTD1437A day well spent with the company of the sweet and kind-hearted strangers, and the fun and talented Midori Moon, Carlos Durana and Rouel Camingawan. Ever so patient running around with me in the crowd and saving my dress, even if we all know it is Trash The Dress, making sure I still look passable for the cameras. Mad props especially to Quincy of Midori Moon, not only for directing my poses (a skill I would have to learn in time), but most importantly for being as crazy and as carefree as I was which made all this possible.

A Trash The Dress is an amazing way to showcase your gown once again (in my case before I can probably no longer fit in it), show off your personality with whatever theme you decide on, and simply, just to have fun. And it was heaps of fun, indeed!


Photography: Midori Moon. Gown: Veejay FlorescaHMUA: Carlos Durana and Rouel Camingawan.

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