Sweet Serendipity

December 24, 2015

One thing is for certain, everything Midori Moon touches turns into gold. And with a powerhouse of suppliers— Simply Special Weddings and Events didn’t skip a beat, Amelvin’s Touch‘s bouquet is an explosion of pretty, SKT Digital‘s film keeps us inspired, and Junriz Henderin‘s gown on the bride make her look immaculate. That veil, that dress, followed by her angels (yes, adorable flower angels!) is how you make an entrance.

‘Tis the season to get cozy, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with these absolutely stunning images!

AngelsSDE49 AngelsSDE23AngelsSDE14 AngelsSDE86AngelsSDE16AngelsSDE21AngelsSDE29 AngelsSDE89AngelsSDE92AngelsSDE62 AngelsSDE70 AngelsSDE116AngelsSDE57 AngelsSDE58 AngelsSDE52 AngelsSDE59 AngelsSDE60 AngelsSDE73 AngelsSDE84AngelsSDE63 AngelsSDE83 AngelsSDE98 AngelsSDE108AngelsSDE173 AngelsSDE123AngelsSDE130 AngelsSDE121 AngelsSDE125AngelsSDE141 AngelsSDE175 AngelsSDE1031AngelsSDE183 AngelsSDE185 AngelsSDE192AngelsSDE243 AngelsSDE223 AngelsSDE245 AngelsSDE224AngelsSDE259 AngelsSDE250 YAP_1419-Edit AngelsSDE2711

Photography: Midori Moon. Videography: SKT Digital. Coordinator: Simply Special Weddings and Events. Flowers and Styling: Amelvin’ s Touch. Gown: Junriz Henderin. HMUA: Carlos Durana. Invitations: Louise and Co.  Cake: The Cake Room. Preps: L’fisher Hotel. Ceremony: Redemptorist Church. Reception: May’s Organic Garden.

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